In the average contemporary car you will find PU foam products in more than 100 places. Mostly different types of foam, specially developed for the automotive industry. Most of these materials are not easy to recycle. Still, in the past years solutions have been found for:

Combinations of textile/fibres and foam, from headlinings, doorlinings and seats.
Special foams from seats and seats production
(Integral)foams, being used in dashboards, head rests and steering wheels
Low Fogging Foams, Flame Retardant Foams, Rigid Foams, Laminated Foams, Foam with Adhesives, etc.

Products, made out of Trim Foam, that have been developed in the past few years are:
Gaskets and Shock Absorbers of very high density
(moulded) parts made out of (compressed) bonded foam for insulation purposes
Easy-recovering floor mats made of foam and fibres

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